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MPHA 2022 Annual Conference: 

“Together, for Planet and Community"

About the Conference

The Minnesota Public Health Association (MPHA)’s Annual Conference will be held May 12-13, 2022 in a virtual format. The conference will be held via Zoom for two half days (approximately 1-4 pm on May 12th and 9 am-12 pm on May 13th).

The conference theme “Together, for Planet and Community" will examine how public health professionals are taking action on some of the most urgent challenges of our time. Challenges, such as climate change and health inequities, that without action threaten the health of our communities and our planet. Addressing these challenges requires us all to learn from each other, share our wisdom, and commit to bold action.

The MPHA annual meeting gathers public health professionals at every level – students, mid-career professionals, retired experts – from around the state to exchange information and create a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens.

Dedicated public health professionals and interested community members who want to connect with peers, pick up new ideas, and gain skills to bring back to their workplace or community are encouraged to attend. The application will be made for public health nursing, CHES/MCHES/CPH continuing education credits.

Conference Objectives

Upon conclusion of the conference, attendees will:


Identify strategies and action steps for addressing a complex challenge in their priority list


Strengthen their tools to communicate about the value of public health


Leave empowered with strategies and specific actions to bring back to their organizations and communities to make a meaningful impact

Request for Proposals due January 10th, 2022

2022 Annual Conference RFP Preview (PDF)

We are seeking presentations that align with the following conference focus areas:

  1. Health Equity
  2. Environmental Justice
  3. Workforce Development and Resilience

Examples of presentations and poster submissions addressing the focus areas could include: COVID-19 & its impact on cultural communities, preparing the workforce in MN to address climate change, what organizations can learn from Indigenous paradigms on the environment, examining urban/rural perspectives. The committee looks forward to a broad selection of proposals on public health issues.

You may submit more than one proposal (e.g., a breakout session and poster submission).

For 2022, MPHA is pleased to be able to offer presenters a small stipend. Breakout presenters will be offered $150 (max $300 per session); Poster presenters will be offered $50 (max $100 per poster). This compensation is a step toward equality and justice by recognizing intellectual property costs, especially of Black, American Indian, and presenters of color, and those who may face financial barriers in contributing their time at our conference. This modest stipend is in addition to complimentary admission to the conference for all presenters.


MPHA greatly subsidizes the attendee cost of the conference and relies upon sponsors to help keep the conference accessible and affordable for all who wish to attend. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, email admin@mpha.net for more information.


MPHA strives to make conference attendance possible for all interested participants. Based on the amount of scholarship sponsors received, MPHA will offer a limited number of need-based scholarships to defray registration costs.

Eligibility: MPHA is committed to ensuring that conference participants from priority populations including people of color and American Indians, LGBTQ+ communities, persons with disabilities, and public health students attend and participate in our annual conference.

Based on the amount of scholarship fundraising, MPHA will have a limited number of scholarships for registration for attendees who identify themselves with one of these priority populations, or for those that have a special interest in advancing healthy equity in any one of these populations. In addition, a limited number of scholarships are available through a lottery who work for an agency with a general operating budget of less than $50,000.

To apply for a scholarship, please email admin@mpha.net. There is no description of need required.

Applications are now being received on a rolling basis and awarded according to the donations in our scholarship fund.

Students: if your school is assisting in registration costs, please fill out the name of your school and department/program on the registration form. MPHA will connect you to your schools' resources. 

To fund a scholarship:

The planning committee has developed a program that recognizes the need to engage many stakeholders to help address public health problems. With your support, we hope to provide need-based access to individuals who might not otherwise attend and participate in this conversation. Individuals are invited to make a contribution in any amount, and will receive recognition on the conference registration website, in the program, and in a letter to all attendees receiving a full or partial registration scholarship.

Contributions may be made online at MPHA's donation page (check "scholarship support" and write "annual conference" in the Special Instructions) or, mailed to MPHA at: PO Box 14415, Minneapolis, MN 55414. MPHA is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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