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Minnesota Public Health Association

Since 1907, MPHA has been dedicated to creating a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens. 

Leadership Development Committee 

The Leadership Development Committee helps the MPHA Governing Council and Committees identify and nominate potential leaders in MPHA. They also receive nominations for the MPHA Annual Awards.

Governing Council

The Minnesota Public Health Association’s Leadership Committee announces the call for nominations for MPHA’s elected offices on Governing Council. Members of the Governing Council are constant ambassadors and proponents of MPHA. They ensure that the mission and vision of the organization moves forward through leadership and service.

We need you to become involved to make the nomination process successful. Please consider nominating a colleague or yourself to serve in an MPHA office when the call comes. If you have an interest in being more active in MPHA and in public health, this is a great way to become involved. We want our Governing Council to be representative of the finest leaders in public health, and we need your input to make that happen!

Each year the Leadership Committee solicits nominations for

  • President-elect (3- year commitment)
  • Treasurer (1-year commitment to complete previous term commitment)
  • Secretary (2-year commitment)
  • Affiliate Representative to APHA (3-year commitment)
  • Three (3) Members-at-large statewide (2-year commitment)

For information about the positions and current members, please email Cherylee Sherry or Ann Zukoski at


MPHA Governing Council is made up of six elected officers, six elected at‑large members and one member from each of the four standing committees. Any individual member, student/retired or sustaining member may hold office or serve as a member of the Governing Council. You may self-nominate or nominate a colleague. If you are nominating a colleague, please ask for their permission before submitting a nomination. Also, we would ask that you review the Governing Council position responsibilities and return a completed nominating form before the annual deadline. 


Nominations are accepted during the early winter of each year. Upon review of candidate nominations and bios, MPHA members in good standing may vote only once in the open election of the Governing Council approved slate. Votes will be tabulated, and the winners will be announced at the virtual MPHA Annual Meeting.

Roles & Responsibilities of Governing Council Members

MPHA Awards

MPHA has established a number of awards to recognize individuals for contributions to and accomplishments in public health. Nominations are solicited annually by the Leadership Committee and the awards are announced at the annual meeting. The awards are:

  • The Albert Justus Chesley Award honors an individual who has “distinguished themselves in the field of public health and who (have), through (their) membership, made a definite contribution to the Minnesota Public Health Association.”
  • The B. Robert Lewis Award is presented to "an Elected Official who has distinguished themselves in aggressive pursuit to establish and maintain health as a human right and to secure optimal community and personal health.
  • The Dr. Harold 'Hal' Leppink Scholarship is awarded to "an early career professional working for Local Public Health located in Greater Minnesota."
  • The Harvey G. Rogers Environmental Health Leadership Award honors “an individual who through years of dedication, distinguished service and technical contribution has promoted the public's health through preservation of the environment.”
  • The Laura Waterman Wittstock Racial Justice & Health Equity Award honors "a person or team who has demonstrated their commitment to advancing racial justice and health equity for American Indian, African American/Black, Latinx/Chicano Latino/Latino(a), Asian American, and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities as well as individuals that are low-income, LGBTQ+, immigrants, and those with disabilities."
  • The Paul and Sheila Wellstone Public Health Achievement Award honors “an individual who has distinguished themselves in public health through an outstanding contribution… to promote and protect the health of individuals, families and the community… (and) leadership as demonstrated by the impact of on other’s careers or having made a contribution that reflects innovation, creativity or a courageous pioneering effort consistent with professional excellence and public service.”
  • The MPHA Student Achievement Award is presented to "a student enrolled in a master’s degree program at a Minnesota School of Public Health or a student enrolled in a master’s degree program at a Minnesota School of Nursing with a concentration in public health who has demonstrated leadership skills in the contribution to the promotion of the health of individuals, families and the community."

Student Representatives

MPHA is looking for students who are passionate about making a difference in the public health community! This student representative position on our Governing Council is a unique opportunity to make your voice heard in a professional organization with seasoned public health leaders.

If you are a student wanting to gain more knowledge and experience in the public health field by working closely with diverse professionals from multiple sectors and disciplines, then this position is for you!

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