Dear MPHA Members,

This is an exciting time for MPHA, as we are undergoing a review and building of our current strategic plan. Following is an overview of the MPHA Strategic Planning process. Have a comment or want further details? Please email Merry Grande, Program Manager. Your input is valued and appreciated!

  • October 2018 - identify volunteer facilitator from APHA, Jeanie Holt
  • January 2019 - Affiliate Self-Assessment completed by Governing Council volunteers
  • February & March - Jeanie Holt reviews affiliate self-assessment; all MPHA Committees review current strategic plan (guided by discussion questions) and co-chairs capture committee feedback
  • April 16-20 -  Strategic Planning Activity "Creative Chaos" survey (instead of during MPHA Annual Conference Business Meeting originally scheduled for April 12). Notes brought to the strategic planning retreat, along with Committee input.
  • April 26 - 9 am - 3:30 pm, Strategic Planning Retreat with Jeanie Holt for MPHA Governing Council
  • May - results and recommendations shared with MPHA members
  • June 7 - process to date shared at MPHA Annual Conference Business Meeting
  • July - August - Governing Council refines plan
  • August - September - MPHA member vote to adopt new strategic plan

Click here to view and download the Current Strategic Plan 2016-2020

MPHA Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020



The mission of the Minnesota Public Health Association (MPHA) is to create a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens.



Our vision is to be an active, independent voice for public health in Minnesota.


Since 1907, MPHA has been an all volunteer organization that represents a broad public health spectrum:

  • Public, private, community organizations
  • Professionals at different stages of their careers: entry level through retirement
  • Multiple disciplines and topics, such as environmental health, public health nursing, community health education and public health administration


  • To inspire effective public health leadership by offering opportunities for enhancing learning, skills and practice
  • To advocate for public health policy that is grounded in science-based evidence and social justice principles
  • To effectively impact public health in Minnesota

GOAL 1: Membership and Member Services

Use member input to support members and to develop activities that attract and retain members. Recruit, formally welcome and nurture new members to MPHA from a diverse array of Minnesota Public Health sectors.

  • Determine the MPHA experience by conducting an annual needs assessment of member benefits to understand MPHA members' wishes and deliver those core benefits as appropriate
  • Review current member benefits on an annual basis and consider how those core benefits can be improved
  • Maintain an up-to-date membership database
  • Develop a bi-annual business plan specific to member recruitment
  • Actively recruit all public health students, new public health professionals, community health workers, and advocates from minority communities to better reflect Minnesota's public health workforce
  • Establish a Welcome Committee for new members and support mentorships for new public health professionals

GOAL 2: Governance and Management

Establish an effective, responsive, and accountable governance management structure that supports the mission of MPHA.

  • Maintain a current MPHA Operations Manual
  • Establish policies and procedures that support the mission, vision, and goals of MPHA
  • Establish a Financial Development Committee to build and maintain MPHA financial support to include growth of revenue through diversified funding
  • Provide new and existing board members training and leadership development
  • Review and updates processes for developing resolutions, supporting legislation, and responding to requests from other organizations
  • Engage a person as an Administrative Assistant to provide infrastructure support to MPHA committees and leadership

GOAL 3: Public Outreach and Partnerships

Reach out to the general public and organizations interested in health to better explain and support public health and to increase the visibility and influence of MPHA and our members.

  • Expand and strengthen partnerships with schools of public health, allied health agencies, and other organizations to be a catalyst for more collaboration on issues including social justice, health equity, and public health funding
  • Discover and implement new ways to connect with members and the public through use of social media
  • Explore developing a community engagement advisory committee and/or public relations firm to increase effectiveness of MPHA outreach

GOAL 4: Public Health Policy and Advocacy

Actively advocate for public health policy that is grounded in science-based evidence and social justice principles.

  • Establish an annual public health policy agenda and action plan using criteria to guide the decision-making
  • Collaborate with the Minnesota Department of Health, APHA, and related organizations on public policy activities
  • Educate MPHA members on public health issues and increase public health awareness
  • Provide advocacy training for members on public health policy issues, elections, and education of elected officials

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