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President's Message

Dear MPHA Members, 

Let me share my plans for MPHA and how they fit with MPHA’s vision to be an active, independent voice for public health in Minnesota.

MPHA is at a pivotal moment; we have been a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization for the past 100 years. The twin pandemics of COVID and racism have brought unprecedented attention to our work and resulted in new members and increased resources.  

In response to the heightened need for public health infrastructure and advocacy, as well as MPHA's strong potential in terms of funding and programming, I have chosen three leadership areas for my term as president: impact, membership, and resources. 

  • Updated understanding of the potential for MPHA
  • Elevated public recognition of MPHA’s health equity work
  • Increased leverage of legacy and strengths of MPHA
  • Strengthened impact of MPHA’s advocacy
  • Increased engagement and capacity of advocates for public health policy
  • Updated membership structure
  • Increased capacity to recruit, engage and diversify membership
  • Deepened inclusion and engagement of new perspectives and populations in MPHA leadership and core work
  • Multiple, resilient streams of revenue
We will be guided by our current strategic plan, just as we showcased our strategic priority areas during the breakout session in our annual conference. 

I envision this work taking place in 5 phases over the course of the year, to coincide with the annual planning cycles we already follow.  
  • Phase 1: Launch - Summer 2021. We will charter a 'guiding team' to review membership data, as well as policies.
  • Phase 2: Engagement - Early fall. Host coffee conversations, stakeholder interviews, and engagement data review to check in with stakeholders across MPHA and beyond. 
  • Phase 3: Review and Renew - Late Fall. Update committee work plans and ensure our governance practices and policies are what we need them to be, based on feedback from the engagement process.
  • Phase 4: Implement - Winter/Spring 2022. Finalize committee work plans in the last months of this year, looking ahead to 2022 with any ideas or changes that come out of our review process.
  • Phase 5: Leadership Transition - Spring/Summer 2022.Prepare our next generation of leaders to sustain and grow our momentum. 
I’d love to hear what you think, and how you would like to participate in this process. Please email me to share your thoughts or to set up a phone call. I look forward to the next year together! 


Elizabeth Moe
MPHA President 2021-2022

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