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I am very proud to serve as President this year. MPHA has been a part of my life for about twenty-five years. Earlier, I wondered what kind of changes I would experience as President of MPHA if I were to run for the office. In national politics, being President is not currently associated with positive opinions. In addition, each of us seems to be pushed to the edge with timelines, obligations and should’s. I asked myself if running for President of MPHA was a very smart thing to do. More on this later. 


The MPHA is promoting Tobacco 21, supporting the Governor’s Task Force to End Violence Against Indigenous Women, and this years’ "Public Health Matters" Policy Forum Series "Environmental Health: Is There Justice for All?". If you haven’t attended, I encourage you to do so. If geography is a challenge, they are broadcasted on Facebook Live to access by all.  


Another great activity is the Membership Committee’s MPHey! MPHey! is an opportunity for public health professionals and students to build meaningful connections with others in the field, grow their skills and knowledge, and celebrate the expertise and work being done in our communities. MPHey! is held at breweries, parks and coffee shops. If you want to host one in your area, contact the Membership Committee.

Our 2020 Conference “The Power of Many: Building a Healthier Future Together for All” will be held May 4-5, 2020 at the Eagan Community Center, Eagan. Visit our home page for more information.


Finally, let me remind you that this is your organization. Think of your public health association when you have a new idea or you see a lack in a particular area or issue. Allow this organization to be that home base for your professional happenings. As I always say, “MPHA is where we do our (public health) work regardless of who is elected”. Getting back to my original question of whether or not running for MPHA President was a very smart thing to do; the answer is a definite YES. After reading my message, how could anyone think any differently?


Nancy Franke Wilson, MPHA President 2019-2020


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