2019-2020 Environmental Health—Is there justice for all?...

In the: Food we eat?; Air we breathe?; Water we drink?; Places we live?

2018-2019 Stayin’ Alive Today…

How have we been working?; Can we work smarter?; Can we work better?; Where are we headed?

2017-2018 Who Can You Trust?

In making health care decisions; To deliver health care messages; When thinking about food, drugs & nutritional supplements; In your community

2016-2017 Why is THIS Public Health?

Mental health and the healthcare system; Community planning & development; Our changed and changing society; Climate change & public health

2015-2016 Healthy… Right from the Start

For newborns; For early childhood; For the world around them; For safety & well being


2014-2015       Zip Code Matters!… 

Where we Work; Play; Learn; and Eat


2013-2014 A Community of Caregiving…

For the ChildrenFor Aging ParentsFor Kinship & Grandparenting RolesFor the Silver Tsunami

2012-2013 The Teenage Experience…

What’s healthy about it?; What’s new beyond the birds and the bees?; (Addictive behaviors) What are our teens getting into?; (Sports participation) Are the risks and benefits in balance? 

2011-2012       What Plagues Our Children? …

Healthy Children/Healthy Schools—Who’s Playing in the Sandbox?; What are we (or aren’t we) doing about childhood obesity?; Are we winning (or losing) the battle on teenage mental health?; What chemicals are our children eating, drinking and breathing?

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